Keeping a Tidy Home

The Homemaker’s Conundrum

You know something we are bombarded with in this technological world?  Tons and tons of advice.  We have information available to us from so many sources, and everybody’s got an opinion (I’m saying this as I’m sitting here typing my own opinion…ironic, no?).  There is one topic that I’ve seen over and over again that really does impact me, and that topic is the cleanliness of our homes.  There is a loud voice that tells moms, “Hey, don’t worry about it!  You have kids, your house won’t be clean until they leave for college!  Who cares if it’s a wreck, if people can’t like you for you mess and all, then they’re not really your friends.”  Then there is the other side, the white-glove, spic and span people who tell you how important it is to always have a clean house, complete with rigorous lists and cleaning schedules.  They tell you it’s your “job” as a homemaker…meaning since we don’t have a J-O-B outside of our homes, that our homes are our jobs.  We manage the home from chores to cooking family scheduling.  So which one is it?  Should I break my back making this perfectly clean home, or do I just say to heck with it and spend all day with the kids and embrace our mess?


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