Natural Sunscreen Using Essential Oils

This is a wonderful post about the dangers of sunscreen and the importance of natural vitamin D through sunlight! I can’t wait to try out the recipe for homemade sunscreen. My family also does not use sunscreen, but gets our sun exposure over time as she explains. We also get lots of anti-oxidants in our diet. I had seen natural sun screen DIY recipes before, but never with Essential Oils as the actual sun block. They used non-nano zinc as the sun block. I’ll be placing a Young Living order soon and you can bet that these oils will be on my order so that I can try out this new recipe for homemade sunscreen. I’ll let you know how that turns out later!


How to Purchase Young Living Essential Oils

So a little while back I created a static page about Young Living Essential Oils, and now I wanted to go into a little more detail on how to purchase them.  There are two ways to purchase Young Living Essential Oils as a customer.  If you want to buy oils but have no interest in selling them, then this is the post for you!


You can sign up to be a Retail Customer.

A retail customer is just that…simply a customer.  You will be signing up to purchase oils at your convenience.  If you want to purchase once and never purchase again, that’s fine!  There is no obligation to sell anything or make more purchases.  You won’t receive any discounts or rewards, and you’ll be paying retail prices.  If you want to upgrade your account to a Wholesale Membership at some point, you may do that and begin purchasing your oils at a 24% discount.

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