Reflections on a Traumatic Birth

I shared Joshua’s birth story with y’all and got such a great response.  I have been putting off telling the story of my first two births for some time now, and finally had a reason to do it.  Gabrielle over at Birth Beyond Bias asked for stories of traumatic births and I decided it was finally time to write everything down.  She featured my story on her blog, and I would really love to share it here as well!  I hope you will go over to Birth Beyond Bias and read more…she has some wonderful information and great stories!


Caleb’s Birth

With my first baby, I wanted a natural birth.  I knew nothing about modern birth in America, only that I felt strongly that God created women to birth babies, and that if women had been doing this for thousands of years without medication, then so could I. I was met with opposition from my OB, who gave me all the typical excuses as to why natural birth was not a good idea.  Some of the things he told me were:

  • the baby will be too big
  • it’s your first pregnancy, you could go so fast that you have the baby on the side of the road if you go into labor on your own
  • if you want to avoid a C-section, we really need to induce early because he’s going to be over 10 pounds (I had been adamantly against having a C-section, and I feel like this was a huge play on my emotions, even though now I know that inducing gives me a 1 in 3 chance of having a C-section)
  • induction is perfectly safe, I induce 95% of my patients (his response to me asking about the risks associated with pitocin; also, I should have noticed that red flag when he said he induces 95% of his patients, but I didn’t know any better).

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Living With Less

There was a time when I had an idea of what the American Dream looked like for me.  It involved a huge, five-bedroom house, and eventually an upgrade to an even bigger one with all the amenities you could ask for.  Let me tell you this, folks: I’ve had a huge paradigm shift.  Lately I’ve been pondering what my family really needs versus what are simply desires.  We know that God provides us our daily bread, but not necessarily the steak and potatoes.  He sustains us.  He gives us plenty.  That’s not to say He may not bless us with more, because He certainly might, but are we finding joy in what He has already given to us?  This was a moment of epiphany for me.  Why was I not content with what God has already given me?  If I wasn’t being a good steward of this home He provided, how in the world would I expect He would entrust me with more?  Like the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30), I knew that I was squandering what I had been given.

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Natural Sunscreen Using Essential Oils

This is a wonderful post about the dangers of sunscreen and the importance of natural vitamin D through sunlight! I can’t wait to try out the recipe for homemade sunscreen. My family also does not use sunscreen, but gets our sun exposure over time as she explains. We also get lots of anti-oxidants in our diet. I had seen natural sun screen DIY recipes before, but never with Essential Oils as the actual sun block. They used non-nano zinc as the sun block. I’ll be placing a Young Living order soon and you can bet that these oils will be on my order so that I can try out this new recipe for homemade sunscreen. I’ll let you know how that turns out later!

How to Purchase Young Living Essential Oils

So a little while back I created a static page about Young Living Essential Oils, and now I wanted to go into a little more detail on how to purchase them.  There are two ways to purchase Young Living Essential Oils as a customer.  If you want to buy oils but have no interest in selling them, then this is the post for you!


You can sign up to be a Retail Customer.

A retail customer is just that…simply a customer.  You will be signing up to purchase oils at your convenience.  If you want to purchase once and never purchase again, that’s fine!  There is no obligation to sell anything or make more purchases.  You won’t receive any discounts or rewards, and you’ll be paying retail prices.  If you want to upgrade your account to a Wholesale Membership at some point, you may do that and begin purchasing your oils at a 24% discount.

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Homeschooling “Unschooling” Style

I’m so glad the weather is finally warming up!  While autumn is my favorite season and I can’t wait for it to turn cool and crisp, by time we get to January or February I’m ready for spring.  Maybe I just like the steadiness of the earth’s cyclical changes.  Whatever it may be, we were happy to get outside today, especially after being cooped up in the house over Easter with sick ones.  I hadn’t been grocery shopping at all since we had been dealing with illness, and we had completely run out of leftovers, so Golden Chick was on the menu.  It’s nowhere near healthy and wasn’t remotely satisfying for me, although the kids loved it, but oh well, don’t judge!  Ha ha!  We put a blanket out under the tree in the backyard and had a super fun picnic!












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Young Living Essential Oils


Okay ladies, truth time: when you find something that is just amazing, what do you do?  You SHARE IT!  Hairdresser who gave you a fabulous new ‘do?  Great pediatrician?  Sale at your favorite store or website?  No matter what it is, when we find something that works for us, we tend to shout it from the rooftops, telling anyone who will stop long enough to listen.  Well consider this my shouting voice: I LOVE YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS!!!  If you’ve read my other blog posts, you know that I’m passionate about all things natural (crunchy, as I like to call it).  I’ve grown very skeptical of drugs, whether over the counter medications, prescriptions, antibiotics, or vaccines.  Wait, don’t stop reading yet… If you don’t share my skepticism that’s okay.  Stay with me for just another minute and give me a chance to explain before you dismiss me.  Are you still here?  Good!  Think about all the warnings on medicine bottles.  Think about the possible side effects.  Think about how many TV ads you’ve seen regarding the FDA recalling a medication, telling you “if you or someone you know have had any of these side effects, you may be entitled to compensation.”  Do I think all drugs are bad all the time?  Absolutely not.  Do I think that they are used too often, many times used to treat the symptoms instead of the actual problem, and can induce a list of side effects for which other drugs are needed?  Yes, yes I do.  I believe that medications are great when they’re needed, but not so much as a first resort.  And I believe antibiotics are overprescribed, especially when prescribed for a viral infection since antibiotics target bacterial infections.  This improper use has been suspected of contributing to the rise in antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA.  The CDC says:

“When someone takes an antibiotic that they do not need, they are needlessly exposed to the side effects of the drug and do not get any benefit from it. Moreover, taking an antibiotic when it is not needed can lead to the development of antibiotic resistance . When resistance develops, antibiotics may not be able to stop future infections. Every time someone takes an antibiotic they don’t need, they increase their risk of developing a resistant infection in the future.” [1]

So what is my crunchy solution for natural medicine without the harmful side effects?  Young Living Essential Oils.

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Keeping a Tidy Home

The Homemaker’s Conundrum

You know something we are bombarded with in this technological world?  Tons and tons of advice.  We have information available to us from so many sources, and everybody’s got an opinion (I’m saying this as I’m sitting here typing my own opinion…ironic, no?).  There is one topic that I’ve seen over and over again that really does impact me, and that topic is the cleanliness of our homes.  There is a loud voice that tells moms, “Hey, don’t worry about it!  You have kids, your house won’t be clean until they leave for college!  Who cares if it’s a wreck, if people can’t like you for you mess and all, then they’re not really your friends.”  Then there is the other side, the white-glove, spic and span people who tell you how important it is to always have a clean house, complete with rigorous lists and cleaning schedules.  They tell you it’s your “job” as a homemaker…meaning since we don’t have a J-O-B outside of our homes, that our homes are our jobs.  We manage the home from chores to cooking family scheduling.  So which one is it?  Should I break my back making this perfectly clean home, or do I just say to heck with it and spend all day with the kids and embrace our mess?


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Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Yesterday I published the very personal and tragic story of my own miscarriage, and the outpouring of support was overwhelming.  So many other mommas had a story that was almost exactly like mine.  It’s a pretty crappy club of which to be a part, as a friend and I discussed last night.  One thing I heard several times was women who had had a miscarriage were worried they would have another one or have already had another one.  I wanted to share my experience with that.  After I lost Eli, a sweet friend of mine shared with me that she had a miscarriage and with the next pregnancy she had her progesterone checked.  It was too low, and with progesterone supplementation she was able to sustain her pregnancy, and now has 3 healthy boys.

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Miscarriage – Mourning the Loss of Our Baby

This is by far the hardest post I’ve written.  I’m saying that from the outset because my thoughts are already scattered and my emotions are raw.  I’m fighting back tears right now, but I thought maybe the best thing to do would be to go ahead and get my feelings written down while I was experiencing them.  I can’t promise all my thoughts will be completely coherent, but I will do my best to explain my feelings.

Let me first say this before I even start: this is a touchy subject.  Every momma who has experienced a loss deals with it and grieves in her own way.  I would never presume to judge their choices, actions, or feelings.  This is not about what I think people should do or think, this is only about me and my experience.  Please read this understanding that these are my raw emotions regarding my own miscarriage, and not a commentary on anyone else’s experience.  I almost hesitate to write it because I don’t want anyone who has had a miscarriage and disagrees with my feelings on it to assume that I’m making a judgment about how they handled theirs.  I don’t write this to persuade anybody of anything.  I write this because I made choices that I didn’t fully understand.  I would do things differently if I had it to do all over again.  This is for your contemplation, nothing more.

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Confessions of an Attachment Parenting Convert

There was a time when I thought Attachment Parenting (AP) was stupid.  Yep, I did.  I bought into the mainstream ideas spewed by parenting magazines, mommy forums, and pediatricians.  I agreed with the idea that AP makes babies clingy, less independent, spoiled, and fussy, even though I was a first time mom with zero experience in any form of parenting style.  Boy was I wrong!  I raised my first two babies very mainstream.  I used disposable diapers, bottles, formula supplementation, a nursery with a crib, cry it out (CIO), strict feeding schedule, and strollers.  Hear me now. . .this is is important: I am not saying there is anything wrong with any of these things.  What I want to do is tell you how my life has changed since become an AP mom.

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